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Completed Project in Hoboken, NJ

Brief Company History

The Frank A. McBride Organization originally formed Independent Sheet Metal Company in 1957.  In 1999, it was sold to Public Service Energy Technologies, a subsidiary of the New Jersey utility company PSEG.  The long-time management team purchased the company in 2003.    

Another Completed Project


Independent Sheet Metal's current EMR rating is .657.  This favorable rating has been achieved by creating a safety mindset throughout the company.  Through the regular use of task hazard analysis, tool box talks, and site safety reviews, safety continues to be on all employees' minds in everything we do.  Independent Sheet Metal also has a very comprehensive PPE program to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our employees safe.  In addition, we are happy to announce our hiring of Haztek Safety Management to help expand our safety programs throughout the company. 

Yet another completed project.

List of Current and Recently Completed Projects (with Customer Name)

Larger Projects - current or finished in the last year

  • CMX Cinema - Binsky & Snyder
  • TIAA - SJP Properties
  • Equinix NY5.3  - F&G Mechanical
  • PSEG Call Center Renovations - Vericon Construction
  • Project CLAW - Gilbane
  • SHU Organic Chemistry Lab Renovation - Little Mechanical
  • ​Harborside - Industrial Cooling Corporation
  • ​NJIT Microfabrication Innovation Center - Advanced Mechanical
  • ​HUMC Enabling #2 Project - ​ Barham Group LLC
  • Connell Development - Advanced Mechanical 

Smaller Projects - current or finished in the last year

  • Insmed - Binsky Service
  • 10 Exchange - Jersey Mechanical
  • Morristown Medical Center - Holt Construction
  • ​SJP Marketing - SJP Properties
  • EY AV upgrades - SJP Properties
  • Celegen S7 A3 Labs -  MMC
  • ​Celegen S7 Various Labs - J. Moore  & Co.
  • Halsey Street - Binsky Mechanical
  • AeroFarms - Binsky Mechanical
  • Apple - MMC